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The Black Dahlia Murder / Unearth

Japan is being invaded by two of the biggest American metal bands at the end of May. The Black Dahlia Murder and Unearth will being a total of three shows in Japan at Club Quatttro in Osaka (Shinsaibashi), Tokyo (Shibuya) and Nagoya. Tickets are ¥6,800 advance and ¥7,300 at the door. Tickets for all shows are still available so get out and bang your head.

The opening act is a Japanese band called Each of the Days from Nagoya. I have more to write about Each of The Days, but I’ll save that for the next post.

2010/5/23 20:00
Club Quattro Shinsaibashi Osaka, JP ¥6,800 / ¥7,300
2010/5/24 20:00
Club Quattro Tokyo Tokyo, JP ¥6,800 / ¥7,300
2010/5/25 20:00
Club Quattro Nagoya Nagoya, US ¥6,800 / ¥7,300