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Illuminate (7/7)

Tokyo-based post-rockers LITE’s new 5 song mini album will be released on July 7th in Japan (Tanabata, for those who don’t know) and will cost ¥1,600 (tax included). Along with their new mini album, LITE is playing two shows this month, one at Fandango in Juso (Osaka) and another show at Liquidroom in Ebisu (Tokyo).

2010/6/13 19:00
2010/6/26 17:30
LIQUIDROOM Tokyo, JAPAN ADV ¥4,000 / DOOR ¥4,500

tera melos

Tera Melos display at Shibuya Tower Records

As I posted a long time ago, west coast math rockers are making their way to Japan this fall. I was off by a month, but I was still close enough, right? They are touring with LITE most of the way and also doing one show with Toe in Nagoya. If I were a betting bear, I’d put my money on that show being the most exciting one of their entire tour. Go check it out. They recently released a double cd in Japan containing their first two LPs that went unreleased until now in Japan.

Oct 25 2009 7:00P
Whoopee’s – KYOTO – Japan w/ Nuito Kyoto
Oct 26 2009 7:00P
CLUB QUATTRO – Osaka, Japan w/LITE Osaka
Oct 27 2009 7:00P
CLUB QUATTRO – Nagoya, Japan w/LITE & Toe Nagoya
Oct 28 2009 7:00P
CLUB QUATTRO – Tokyo, Japan w/LITE Tokyo
Oct 29 2009 7:00P
BIRDLAND – Sendai, Japan w/ Nuito Sendai
Oct 30 2009 7:00P
CLUB RIVERST- Niigato, Japan – w/Nuito Niigata
Oct 31 2009 7:00P
VAN VAN V4 – Kanazawa, Japan Kanazawa
Nov 1 2009 7:00P
FEVER – Tokyo, Japan w/ Nuito, Miscorner/c+llooqtortion, kuruucrew Tokyo

This year Mono, Pelican, World’s End Girlfriend and LITE are playing at RaidWorld.

May 16 5:00P LIQUIDROOM Shibuya ¥4,5000

True story: I was supposed to go to RaidWorld last year until I got bedridden with food poisoning. Salmonella, to be exact. Let that be a lesson to you all to not eat raw chicken at an izakaya, no matter how good your Japanese friends tell you it is.