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Hey! I’m still alive and I’m still writing this blog. I’ve got some good news for you all. I’m heading back to Japan in a few days and I hope that will allow me to interview up and coming bands and discover new acts to report to you. Right now I have dates for キノコホテル/kinocohotel from Tokyo. These four hot chicks play a unique blend of genres that is equal parts 60s psychedelic and 60s garage rock. I’m personally excited to go see them and I am definitely going to their January 12th show. Their first album, entitled マリアンヌの憂鬱, will be released on February 3rd, so get yourself a copy and support these girls!

Jan 9 2010 4:00P
CLUB CITTA 川崎市川崎区小川町1-26, 神奈川県
Jan 12 2010 7:00P
Feb 6 2010 7:00P
KYOTO,TAKUTAKU 京都市下京区富小路仏光寺下がる, 京都府
Feb 7 2010 7:00P
NAGOYA,TOKUZO 名古屋市今池, 愛知県
Feb 14 2010 7:00P
Club Que 世田谷区, 東京都