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highered-girl is a boy-girl duo from Tokyo that makes some pretty sweet indie rock. No, I hate using that term. These kids just rock. That’s all I’m going to say besides that it would benefit you to go see them. On the 22nd, they are playing with toddle (ex-Number Girl) and EMILE at Unique Rock 03.

Apr 30 2009 6:30P
Shinjyuku URGA 新宿区歌舞伎町, 東京都
May 5 2009 6:00P
Akihabara CLUB GOODMAN 千代田区神田, 東京都
May 22 2009 6:30P
Shimokitazawa BASEMENTBAR 世田谷区北沢, 東京都
Jun 12 2009 6:30P
Sangenjyaya HEAVEN’S DOOR 東京都
Jun 25 2009 7:00P
Shimokitazawa BASEMENTBAR 世田谷区北沢, 東京都

Good news: 凛として時雨 is going on a nationwide tour of Japan from April to June.

Bad news: All of the Tokyo and Osaka shows are sold out.

So basically if you DON’T live in either Toyko or Osaka, there is a good chance that you can still see this incredible band live. Bummer.

Go here to see if you can make it to one of their shows that aren’t sold out.

I haven’t kept up with those guys in a while, but it seems they have released a new EP 2 months ago with three brand-new tracks.

They are a local band from Osaka and definitely have a shot at getting big, at least in my opinion.

If you like a genre mix between alternative and screamo with catchy hooks and an amazing energy check those guys out at one their concerts!

For some of their audio and concert dates, check out their myspace!!!