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Ring a Ding Dong

File this under “guilty pleasures”. I just went out and got my copy of Kaela’s new single. This isn’t the kind of blog that beacons a review from such a release, so there won’t be one (not very underground, is she?). I just thought I’d share this bit of information with all of you. Well then, until the next update!


So tomorrow I’m going to California and again, I must apologize for the lack of updates, but before I go I wanted to at least leave you all with something.

Kimura Kaela’s new album entitled HOCUS POCUS will be released on the 24th of June.

Now I understand if you’re confused as to why I’m updating about a jpop idol on a blog about underground music, but I now have less than four hours to sleep and wake up and get ready for my flight and I have nothing else to write about so just bear with me on this post. Besides, she’s my guilty pleasure.