One Thing Leads To Another

One Thing Leads To Another

Clione-Index is yet another one of those bands popping out of the burgeoning post-rock scene that seems to be sweeping Japan. It would be doing the band a disservice to just sum up their 2006 release by saying “it’s not Mono.” Of course, for any Japanese post-rock band, it’s hard to step out of the shadow of the definitive Japanese post-rock giant that is Mono. But enough about comparisons, these review are about analyizing each album on their own merits so I’ll only use comparisons for referencing purposes only.

Their approach seems to take note of the tried and true conventions of post-rock when it comes to instrumentation and atmosphere, but they seemed to have ignored the “epic crescendo” part that has become the hallmark of post-rock. While certainly their songs build up to a certain point, they seem to reach a plateau rather than a peak and it leaves me wanting more. The first song, Dove Eyes, doesn’t really pick up until the last 40 seconds of an 11:19 long song, and when it ends, you have to wait another 9 minutes to get to another catharsis.

The last thing I’d like to comment on is the poor production of the recording. I’m especially irked that the low end is very shallow and punchy throughout the entire album. If it was given one final once-over before it went to pressing, it would have made for a better listening experience. I normally would write off bad production for any other genre, but good production values in post-rock are just as essential as a good reverb pedal.

Genre: Instrumental Post-Rock

Album Highlight: “Time Goes By”