These reviews are not written for the sake of handing out arbitrary numbers to albums that we talk about for three paragraphs. These reviews are not to be taken as stating “this album is good/bad.” Instead, we encourage everyone to seek out and listen to all types of music, we even encourage you to check out the albums that aren’t given high scores. Instead, these reviews are meant to be taken as reference guides on how to spend your yen when it comes to expanding your record collection. Also, keep in mind that each album is reviewed on its own merits, meaning we don’t base our scores on a band’s previous album or how they compare to other bands in the same genre.

Here’s the breakdown of the scores:

4.0-5.0 – Buy this album.

2.5-3.5 – Rent at Tsutaya first.

1.0-2.0 – Don’t waste your money.

Clione-Index – One Thing Leads To Another (2006)