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I’ve been getting some comments on my profile that I have some actual readers of this blog and that left me feeling guilty for not updating this thing more. Actually, I have a good reason as to why I couldn’t update The Gaijin Underground: I didn’t have the internet! But I finally moved in to a place of my own and I am free to write more updates!

Any way, it’s no secret that I love Kimura Kaela, and I am happy to announce that I managed to see her live at the Budokan. It was killer and I smooth talked my way into talking to her drummer. Of course, I wanted to meet Kaela, but talking to her drummer (Kashikura Takashi) was pretty badass in itself.


Thanks for reading this little blog of mine. I’ll be sure to keep The Gaijin Underground updated with the latest live show information.


Sorry about the lack of updates. It’s that time of the year again where I must hit the books and start studying for finals. My apologies for not being able to update as frequently. More will come soon, I promise.

I just wanted to quickly point out the new RSS feed that we have for the upcoming shows in May. This is by no means a complete list as of yet, as more show listing will be posted as they get announced.

Subscribe to the feed to stay on top of all the shows posted on here.

EDIT: The RSS feed seems to have hiccupped, bear with us.

Welcome to the Gaijin Underground Music Network!

This blog was created with the foreigner residing in Japan in mind, but we really welcome all enthusiasts of Japanese music.  The purpose of this blog is to keep you up to date with tours, album releases, album reviews, and interviews with Japanese artists outside the mainstream. We hope to bring out a lot more content along the way, so check back so see what we’ve got to report.