101A is an experimental 3-piece band from Toyko and the only way I can describe their sound is something that takes its influence from post-rock and shoegaze but goes from there to craft their own distinct sound.

Perhaps the biggest announcement is that they will be playing at Kodama ’09 in Nagano this summer. Kodama is a rather large outdoor 2-day indie festival held in Nagano representing a lot of genres. Tickets are ¥4,000. Parking is ¥2,000, but apparently to set up camp is free. 101A will be playing on the first day of the event which is June 6th.

Go here to see the line up for Kodama ’09.

Apr 21 2009 6:30P
高円寺HIGH Koenji, Tokyo
Apr 26 2009 6:30P
Sankenchaya, Tokyo
May 03 2009 6:00P
URGA Shinjuku, Tokyo
May 08 2009 6:30P
手刀 Ikebukuro, Tokyo
May 26 2009 6:30P
手刀 Ikebukuro, Tokyo
Jun 06 2009 11:30A
コダマ09 Nagano