I had the pleasure of seeing Osaka’s Ha-Gakure play with envy last March and I was totally blown away. Actually, I don’t know how to define the style of music these four talented guys play. I’m not one to pigeonhole bands into strict categories, but for the purpose of tagging this post, I find myself coming up short. Their instrumentation is not too far removed from post-rock, but their vocalist (or MC as the band defines his role as), Yasuhide Takayama, raps(?) over the band. Yeah, I know that sounds weird. Perhaps borderline unpleasant. Honestly, my words cannot do this band justice so just go to their myspace. I highly recommend this band, especially to fans of the recent split releases from envy.

Apr 19 2009 6:30P
大阪 心斎橋clapper Osaka-shi, Osaka
Apr 24 2009 8:00P
大阪 堺fuzz Sakai-shi, Osaka
Apr 29 2009 6:00P
名古屋 新栄CLUB ROCK’N’ROLL Nagoya-shi, Aichi
May 9 2009 6:30P
京都西院CAFEBAR 大会 Ukyou-ku, Kyoto
Jun 11 2009 7:00P
大阪十三fandango Osaka-shi, Osaka