envy, Boris, Isis, Sunn O))) and Growing

April 19 – @Liquidroom, Shibuya

Doors open at 3:45pm while the show actually starts at 4:30pm


Words cannot express how upset I am about not being able to go to amazing concert. I am terribly jealous of anyone that is able to go to this. I highly doubt tickets are still available since pre-orders started in January.

Looking at the line-up makes me wonder if envy is going to debut any new songs that are more sludgy/droney.

If that wasn’t enough, Growing, Boris, OLAibi and saicobab have got some shows before the big concert:

Growing/saicobab:April 14 @SUNSUI, Osaka ¥4,000

Boris/Growing/OLAibi: April 17 @O-NEST, Toyko ¥4,000